The “River of the Water of Life”

Heaven Series #20  The “River of the Water of Life” Imagine a beautiful sparkling river flowing with crystal clear water, so alive and invigorating that it is described by God Himself as the “WATER OF LIFE”.  In the book of Revelation 21:6, Jesus says “To the one who is thirsty, I will give water without […]

The Tree Of Life

Heaven Series #19  “The Tree of Life” Probably, the first great act of mercy shown to mankind from God was when He shut Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden saying, ”He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the TREE OF LIFE and eat, and live […]

The Throne Of God

Heaven Series #18  “The Throne of God” Of all the topics I have covered in this series on Heaven, this one has been the most humbling… and yet one of the most thrilling as well. When we consider that the Creator of the universe has chosen to settle Himself upon this glorious seat where He […]

Dual Citizenship

Heaven Series #17 “Dual Citizenship” It goes without saying that we are all citizens of some country here, whether it be by birth in that country or by acquiring it through legal process.  But what does need to be said and clearly understood is that as professed Christians and members of the body of Christ, we […]

Treasures In Heaven

Heaven Series #16 “Treasures in Heaven” My grandfather used to sing an old hymn that went like this: On the other side, treasures there have I.  Treasures that this world and all its wealth could never buy.  And when I reach that City and the gates swing open wide.  I’ll find my treasures waiting on […]

Is God Really Going To Create A New Earth?

Heaven Series #15  “Is God really going to create a new earth? When the pilgrims first set out from England, they were looking and longing for a “new world”… a better world than the one they were leaving.  And thankfully for many of us, they did.  I believe God has placed a similar longing in each of […]

Why We Should Never Fear Death

Heaven Series #14 ”Why we should never fear death” There are few things that elicit more fear and apprehension than the thought of dying. From movies to novels to stories around the campfire… man can often show a fascination with death on the one hand, and yet be inwardly petrified of it on the other.  This […]

Why We Need To Learn As Much As We Can About Heaven

Heaven Series #13 “Why we need to learn as much as we can about Heaven” Several weeks ago, I posted a photo of my wife Kathy just a few months before she passed away. She was reading the book “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn. When a close pastor friend of mine saw the photo, he said […]

Will There Be Animals And Pets In Heaven?

Animals and pets in heaven

HEAVEN SERIES #12 Will there be animals and pets in heaven? In my opinion, the quick answer is yes, and yes. The scripture tells us in the book of Genesis, that it was God’s idea in the first place to design and create the animals and birds and fish.. and after he had done so, He […]

How Can I Be 100% Sure That I Am Going To Heaven?

Heaven Series #11 How can I be 100% sure that I am going to Heaven? The apostle John wrote in his second of five writings these powerful words: “I have written these things to you (who believe in the name of the Son of God), that you may KNOW that you HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.” 1 […]